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Vladimir A. Burdin

Бурдин В.А.

   Head of the Department, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Communications and the Russian Federation, Honorary Worker of Science and Technology of the Russian Federation.

   Was born in 1953 in Kyiv. In 1975 he graduated with honors from the Kuibyshev Electrotechnical Institute of Communications (KEIS). He began work as an assistant at the Department of Communication Lines and Measurements in Communication Engineering. In 1980 he completed his postgraduate studies at the Department of Communication Lines of the Moscow Electrotechnical Institute of Communications (MEIS). In 1984 he defended his Ph.D. thesis, and in 2002 - his doctoral dissertation.

   Burdin V.A. is known as one of the leading experts in the theory of fiber-optic communication lines. The results of scientific research carried out by him personally and by the team under his leadership found wide practical use in the cable industry, at enterprises and organizations of the communications industry, scientific and educational institutions of the info-communication profile, were included in several governing documents of the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation, regulating issues construction and technical operation of fiber-optic communication lines. In particular, in RD45.180-2001, RD 45.190-2001, RD 45.211-2001. Has practical experience in the development and implementation of projects for fiber-optic cable communication lines. He was directly involved in constructing fiber-optic cable transmission lines, particularly the trans-Siberian fiber-optic line (Rostelecom), the fiber-optic lines of Transtelecom, the fiber-optic communication network Tatneft and others.

   Research interests - fiber-optic transmission lines, few-mode fiber optics technologies, effective technologies for the construction and technical operation of line-cable facilities for optical transmission lines of communication networks.

   The experience of teaching and pedagogical work is more than 40 years (since September 1975). The scientific school "Few-modes fiber optics technologies and their applications in communication networks," created by V. Burdin, is successfully developing. Under his scientific supervision, 7 dissertations were prepared and defended for the degree of candidate of technical sciences and one for the doctor of technical sciences.

   Professor Burdin V.A. is the author of more than 500 publications, including a monograph, two textbooks, textbooks with the UMO stamp, scientific articles, and more than 50 patents for inventions. He is a member of the program committee, was a co-chair of sections of international and Russian scientific and technical conferences known to the scientific community: "Physics and technical applications of wave processes," "Problems of technology and telecommunication technologies," "Optical technologies for telecommunications," "All-Russian conference on fiber optics, "Russian seminar on fiber lasers, "Optical reflectometry. " He is a co-editor of the SPIE Proceedings collection of scientific articles "Optical Technologies for Telecommunication," which has been published for over 15 years. Burdin V.A. member of the editorial board of scientific and technical journals "Info communication Technologies," "Foton-Express."

   Burdin V.A. shock worker of the XII five-year plan, master of communications, honorary worker of science and technology of the Russian Federation, honored worker of communications and information of the Russian Federation, a senior member of the international scientific societies SPIE and OSA.

    List of taught disciplines:

1. 1. Principles of building fiber-optic transport networks and access networks - lecturer

    Main publications (since 2017)

1. Burdin, V. A.; Bourdine, A., V; Gubareva, O. Yu. "Necessary conditions for the propagation of two modes, LP01 and LP11, in a step-index optical fiber with a Kerr nonlinearity," COMPUTER OPTICS 44(4), 533-539 (2020)

2. Sakhabutdinov, A. Zh.; Anfinogentov, V.; Morozov, O. G. et al. "Original Solution of Coupled Nonlinear Schrodinger Equations for Simulation of Ultrashort Optical Pulse Propagation in a Birefringent Fiber FIBERS," 8(6), 34 (2020).

3. Burdin, V. A. Femtosecond optical pulse propagation in an optical fiber with high birefringence," Proceedings of SPIE 11516, 115160O (2020)

4. Burdin, V.A.; Dashkov, M.V.; Demidov, V.V. et al. "New Silica Laser-Optimized Multimode Optical Fibers with Extremely Enlarged 100-mu m Core Diameter for Gigabit Onboard and Industrial Networks," FIBERS 8(3), 18 (2020)

5. Bourdine, A.V.; Burdin, V.A.; Delmukhametov, O.R. "Simulation and research of few-mode optical fiber DMD degradation due to geometry deviation from optimized form," OPTICAL AND QUANTUM ELECTRONICS 51(5), 153 (2019)

6. Burdin, V.A.; Gubareva, O.Yu. "Simulation of Simplex Acousto-Optic Channel on Few-Mode Optical Fiber," Lecture Notes in Computer Science 11660, 719-726 (2019)

7. Simulation of Dispersion Managed Solitons in Optical Fibers on Dense Cards with Local Nonlinearity Author: Burdin, Vladimir A.; Bourdine, Anton, V; Volkov, Kirill A.; et al. 2019 RUSSIAN OPEN CONFERENCE ON RADIO WAVE PROPAGATION (RWP), VOL 1 Стр.: 539-542 (2019)

8. Simulation-Based Prediction of 100-mu m-Core Multimode Optical Fiber Bandwidth for 10GBase-LX Systems Author: Bourdine, A., V; Burdin, V. A.; Zhukov, A. E.; с соавторами. 2019 SYSTEMS OF SIGNALS GENERATING AND PROCESSING IN THE FIELD OF ON BOARD COMMUNICATIONS (2019)

9. Simulation of a Dispersion Managed Two-Mode Fiber-Optic Link Author: Eremchuk, E. Y.; Bourdine, A., V; Burdin, V. A. 2019 SYSTEMS OF SIGNALS GENERATING AND PROCESSING IN THE FIELD OF ON BOARD COMMUNICATIONS (2019)

10. Design of Silica Multimode Optical Fibers with Extremely Enlarged Core Diameter for Laser-Based Multi-Gigabit Short-Range Optical Networks Author: Bourdine, Anton V.; Burdin, Vladimir A.; Janyani, Vijay; et al. PHOTONICS Tom: 5(4)№ 37 (2018)

11. Andreev, V.A.; Burdin, V.A.; Bourdine, A.V; et al. "Simulation of two-mode fiber optic link with chromatic dispersion compensation at line amplifiers," 2018 SYSTEMS OF SIGNALS GENERATING AND PROCESSING IN THE FIELD OF ON BOARD COMMUNICATIONS (2018)

12. Bourdine, A.; Burdin, V. "Research on the Influence of FMF Refractive Index Profile Deviation from the Optimized Form on DMD Degradation," 2018 SYSTEMS OF SIGNALS GENERATING AND PROCESSING IN THE FIELD OF ON BOARD COMMUNICATIONS (2018)

13. Burdin, V.; Bourdine, A. "Dynamics of Nonlinear Excitation of the High-Order Mode in a Single-Mode Step-Index Optical Fiber," 26TH ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL LASER PHYSICS WORKSHOP (LPHYS'17), Journal of Physics Conference Series 999, 012015 (2018)


15. Bourdine, A.V.; Burdin, V.A. "DMGD Reducing in Few-mode Fiber Optic Links by Special Refractive Index Profile and Selective Mode Excitation Provided by Designed MDM Channels Placement Scheme over Fiber Core End," 2017 PROGRESS IN ELECTROMAGNETICS RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM - SPRING (PIERS), 1032-1038 (2017)

16. Burdin, V. A.; Bourdine, A. V. "Simulations of a Few-mode Fiber Optic Link," 2017 PROGRESS IN ELECTROMAGNETICS RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM - SPRING (PIERS), 1918-1923 (2017)

17. Burdin, V. A.; Bourdine, A. V.; Grigorov, I. V. "Comparative analysis of algorithms for compensation of nonlinear distortions in fibre-optic links," QUANTUM ELECTRONICS 47(12), 1144 -1146 (2017)

    Email address for remote communication with students :

   Burdin Vladimir Alexandrovich, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
   tel: (846) 339-11-00 (add. 2371), e-mail:

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